Post #12 – Secrets: Worth Keeping in the Digital World?

21 Jul

Write about one thing you’ve never told anyone and explain why

I tell my girlfriend, my parents and family, some friends just about everything.  The only time I really keep a secret is for my job.  I have been cleared to hold confidential information by my firm.  All that I cannot disclose in a public blog.  My job requires me to ask companies confidential information in order to make a determination on their eligibility for an unemployment benefits program paid for by Federal Funds.

Confidentiality and privacy is always asked for by people and corporations.  I wonder if we really do live in age of Privacy?  What information can you come out with?  Are you proud of your actions even if they seem unpopular?  In the virtual world you cannot be too careful of how to handle sensitive information.

I remember a time on Facebook when a friend mine posted, “Does it look like I have “stupid” written on my forehead?  I decided to photoshop a photo of her latest profile picture and typed the word stupid on her forehead then send it to her via private message. She obiviously did not get my sense of humor.  She is still my facebook friend, only after telling her it was between me and her.  The question I do have is a Facebook message really a private message?

With all this hacktivism going on and the press going into people’s cell phones, I wonder how safe, secure and private all of our e-mails are?


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