Post #13 – The Future

21 Jul

What are you looking forward to this year?

Right now my schedule is kind of set up until probably around my Birthday which is September 2nd, 2011.

Starting tonight I am going ballroom dancing with my girlfriend at the place where we met.  We have been doing it every Thursday since we met except for one Memorial Day when I went to my Girlfriend’s hometown half way across the country to see her family.  We are doing it again this Thanksgiving.

Friday night or Sunday we are going to see Friends with Benefits which looks like a funny move with Justin Timberlake.

Saturday we are going to see our friends that we have not seen in a while for a fun time.

Next weekend, one of my good friends and dance partners is getting married to her boyfriend.  We are going to a wedding at a zoo.  Kind of clever little place to see a wedding.

Later this year, there are a lot of food festivals we want to go to, going to see an American Football game back in my Girlfriend’s Hometown.

Lot”s of fun and movies, may be worthy of a post if I get stuck. 🙂


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