Post #4 – Something(s) That Make Me Smile

21 Jul

Share something that makes you smile.

Something that makes me smile?  That is very amusing to me. I have been known never to smile much.  If I could say something recently that made me smile was my 6 month old niece, Holly.  You would have to be cruel unkind man in order to not enjoy a little child’s smile, or at least make an attempt to make the baby smile.

This question actually had to give me an idea if I am ever in a rut to write something.

You know what? Strike that.  Let’s put it here and at worst I can edit it. This is my blog.

So here is a list of things that make me smile (in no particular order except for number 1.

  1. My girlfriend Marcia.
  2. A really good Foxtrot Song.
  3. The smile of my nephew and niece.
  4. The love of my friends and family.
  5. That I get a paycheck every two weeks on Monday.

More to come with the date added in parenthesis.


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