Post #6 – Stressed Out or Not?

21 Jul

Are you stressed out right now? (If so, why? If not, why not?)

Good question to work on.  Right now I am not too stressed out. I have a teleconference call at 10:00am and really cannot do anything until then. (Reminds himself to go ahead and schedule that one on his outlook).  I think my key to success at work is scheduling and planning and making sure everything is organized.

With all that said above if something where to go wrong I will get very stressful.  Start to sweat a lot.  For example, for a while I thought the Debt Ceiling crisis would affect my position in my job (more details to that when I feel a bit more comfortable blogging and meeting people).  It was causing me a great worry and stress of being unemployed again after about 2 good years of being employed at my job.

On the side, I do a lot of things to keep me calm.  I love riding the commuter train home in the quiet car, keeps me alone to my thoughts and I find it good time to get productive stuff done.  Also, I like to lay with my girlfriend and watch the quiz game shows like Jeopardy!, and there is a new show here in the United States called It’s Worth What?, that is like the Price is Right but with old artifacts, and rare items.  If we want a little more drama and action we like to watch Chef Gordon Ramsey yell at professional cooks on Hell’s Kitchen and work the American Idol like MasterChef.

I also find that reflecting and writing does relieve some stress.

On a side note: Doing this blog a day post is actually giving me so many ideas that I have not worked on the aesthetics of this blog.  I apologize for the appearance and it is a work in progress.


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