Post #7 – The Memorable Interview

21 Jul

Share a story about a memorable job interview.

The job interview for my current job is probably the most memorable one. I had to travel to DC by myself for the first time. Happily, the lady at the front desk was able to give me good directions.  Too bad, that I like to explore and create my own directions.  I ended up walking around two blocks in a shape of a backwards C in order to get to the building where the interview took place.  Happily, I got there way early and the time was spent well. I was there about 30 minutes early.  A little nervous, I still had to go through security.

Security called the lady up and they had to escort me up to the office.  Before that the lady asked me if I want to straighten up?  I took advantage of that.  Did my business, and made sure I was straighten up (tie, collar, blazer, etc.) The funny part about it was that I still look at the chair I sat in pictured below and remembered how nervous I was.

The Chair of Nervousness

This is the chair I sat in before my interview with current job

I saw people passing by. I made sure I made eye contact and said, “Hello” to everyone.  Then the interview was ready to go.  I was taken into a meeting room and I was literrally grilled by the three person panel.  All three which I would later realize are direct supervisors to the position I was going to be hired for.

The questions were simple at first and I was able to answer them confidently and honestly.  One I know I ace in is talking about my technical expertise of working with Microsoft Office Suite Package, and the ability the help others who have trouble using them.  The final question was the one got to me.

They asked me if I knew the law that I was working with. I had to give them the honest answer.  “No, I did not know the law and policies I was working with, but I am willing to learn.”   The interview ended with me asking questions and worried I did not get the job.  But one more final question came up by gentlemen who soon became my direct supervisor.  I told him, no, that I am going to research it and willing to learn about it.  They dismissed for the day.  A week later after I accepted a Math Teaching position at a local school district, I got a phone call for a job offer.  I was happy and shocked at the same time.  It was one of those “wow!” moments.

It goes to show you that honesty and integrity can go a long way.


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