Post #8 – Motivation

21 Jul

How do you stay focused on a task or activity? What do you do when you need to concentrate or get things done? (Say, writing a blog post)


It is kind of hard for me to focus on a task or activity.  My brain likes to play, “what if” scenarios and it throws me off track to the point that I am daydreaming when I am doing something else.  The way I cope with that is that I make an ordered list and I do the things in that ordered only.  Also, I try to ignore the outcome of what I do, and just do it.

That is kind of hard to do when most of my schooling was to make teachers happy and impress.  I struggled with the concept of outcome dependence for a good 14 years of my adult life and every now and then it does comeback to haunt me.

I think the toughest motivation for me is that I have decided to start behind on this post a day and working to catch right back up to speed.  It is probably going to make my posts a bit untimely but it is good to just to do, get feedback, and most importantly I can edit anytime that I need to.

Getting up for work can be a struggle as well.  Putting my foot down and going to bed sleepy kind of helps.  I have not drink caffeine in three days now (No Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Coffee, Red Bull, etc.).  Really nasty headache last night that could be withdraw headaches.   But knowing that each hour worked is a paycheck that comes to me is also great motivation as well.


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