Post #9 – Lightbulbs

21 Jul

Describe a recent Aha! Moment. What sparked it?


 As a former teacher, I loved the time when any of my students get a topic that I was teaching.

I think the most recent Aha! moment that I had was becoming an accomplished ballroom dancer and having to ask any lady to dance with me at a ballroom to say, “Yes!”.  The “No!” become so rare.

The reason why I think I was able to accomplished this “Aha!” moment so to say was that I was persistant about it.  I kept all negative thoughts about it aside.  Most importantly, I knew how to take feedback and criticism.

I hope I can take that same attitude and complete my goals.

My goals here right now would be:

1.)    To decrease the blog a day deficit I had from the beginning.  First week of January done in two days!  Phew!

2.)    To continue blogging for a day until December 31, 2011 where I will reevaluate my situation.

Another Aha! moment could be starting this blog and keep posting.  It is nice to go back to those memories and finding new ideas within those memories.


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