Daily Challenge #2 – July 22, 2011

22 Jul

Send some delight someone’s way in the medium of an email.

I make it a priority to respond to all e-mails. But I take my time periods for that.  First thing in the morning and once before I go to bed.  I try to keep it within an hour and try not to skip anyone unless it is really that important.

Something I really do want to improve on is my social skills.  I am not really that verbal, more observant.

What I really want is just want to be a bit more socially acceptable.  If an e-mail comes try to respond to it even just to say, “Thank you.”  It acknowledges to the person that I sent it as I received the e-mail and acknowledge.  The key part is I do not expect a response when it comes to the Thank You e-mail.

So today, I am going to send my girlfriend a surprise e-mail stating that I love her and I will see her tonight.

Side Note: I am getting these challenges from this site here, please visit her blog it is a nice read and do not be afraid to try and do.


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