Post #16 – Wacky Advice, That Works

22 Jul

Describe the wackiest but most useful advice you’ve ever received

I think the wackiest but most useful advice that I’ve ever received was during my Senior year in High School.  The yearbook at my High School sold ad space for parents to put baby pictures and a type text.  So my parents decide to put a baby picture of me holding a water hose with the caption reading, “Stay dry”.

//* insert picture here by Saturday, July 23, 2011//*

So I asked myself, what did my parents mean by that?  At the time, I was a nerdy, dorky guy (still am today), who was socially clueless about alcohol.  I thought about why would my parents would put such a thing as, “Stay dry”?

Now for starters and not really knowing the meaning of that term, I did have my time drinking in college but did not get enough to get drunk.  In fact one incident, I took a fall for the teammates being a leader and ending up not running in the State College Cross-Country Championship Meet because of violation of team rules.  The coach had a rule that they are not to undertake in drinking alcohol. My first time ever drunk was not my 21st birthday but most likely would have been that party that got me suspended as I walk home from the party to the dorm and slept from Friday night until Sunday morning.

I did not drink again until my 27th birthday when a group from my offline friends decided to throw a party for me.  Puking into the powder room of my parents house.  I did not drive, had a Designated Driver (DD) and that was a condition of my friends getting me drunk that I do not drive home and they had to DD.

Never been pinned with a Driving While Intoxicated or a Driving Under the Influence, knock on wood.

Drunk moments from going out and partying and playing the risk from 27 to 31 basically told me it was probably better to let the stuff go.  When I met my girlfriend back in March, I only had one drink in a four month span.  That is good.


I think life is better sober, in my opinion.  I am alert. I do not feel bad at all. I can breathe.  Now to kick this Coca-Cola and Pepsi addiction.  Working on that.


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