Post #23 – Truth

25 Jul

Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts? Or is ignorance bliss? Or are they both true some of the time?

Bonus twist: how does your opinion on truth jive with your opinion ofwikileaks?

Photo double twist: Take a picture of a thing that expresses a truth.

First thing is that I want to clarify what it means by truth in my own words.  Truth is disclosure after being questioned.   So the question posed by this post is that is it better to know the truth even when it hurts?  Or is ignorance bliss? Or are they both true some of the time?  I believe that they are both true some of the time only because there is certain situations at which when you speak the truth it will extremely harm others who are performing duties.  I think there is a way to dispense truth and a timing to dispensing truth.  For example, do you tell your own mother her cooking sucks after she bakes a cake for you?  Probably not, but if you did I would give you more power to you but look at you in a different because you are truthful to your mother. (Could be positive or negative).

From the wikileaks standpoint, leaking information is not necessarily the truth, unless people are hiding it from questioning.  If I was a person running a country, I would keep a watchful eye on wikileaks and only hurt them if they were to perform something that would harm our interests.  Wikileaks do not expose truth, Wikileaks only provide information that is of protected knowledge that is hidden.

Are the people they are “targeting” lying?  Maybe.  However, at the same time it goes into the topic of keeping secrets and when it is appropriate.

As for the picture of a thing that expresses truth?  That will wait.  My iphone camera currently has no signal, will update.

Update #1

Photo of the truth


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