Post #27 – Six Funny People

25 Jul

Who are the three funniest people in the world? 

Three Funniest People in the World:

1.) Daniel Tosh – Host of Tosh.0.  Although anyone can do his comedy style the fact that he come up with that on the fly and highlight people who do dumb things over the camera is extremely funny.  He does not do one liners like “Lame”, or post first comments.  He actually creates different funny quips about the video. He is also risky but fair in his comedy.

2.) Steve Carrell – Just left the office, now a big movie star.  He can flex in his comedy with an improv background.

3.) Cedric The Entertainer – The way he acts and dresses just makes me laugh.

Who are the three funniest people you know personally?

1.) A teammate from Cross-Country – Seth – He was able to find humor in the littlest things and makes us laugh to relax us before a race.

2.) Michael- the only guy I know who can imitate Jim Carey and do a good duck quack.

3.) Jackie – Just the way she carry herself and gets on everyone.


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