Post #36 – Story from other people’s Eyes

25 Jul

Write a story about yourself, told from your neighbor’s perspective.

Work Bonus: Write a story about yourself, from your coworker’s perspective

Story #1 – Neighbor

He is a tall nice guy, about 6 foot 4, 200 pounds.  Always says hello when I see him but I see him very rarely, mostly on the weekends and I do hear him go into his car in the mornings.  Really early might I add, around 5:45am, he does return around 5:30pm.  He must work in DC.  Very quiet guy though.  Never ever hear a peep from him.

Story #2 – Coworker

Anything that goes on his desk would be completed.  All of his work is thoroughly done and with very little errors.  Wish he could dress up just bit more professionally but he mostly works in his cube, very rarely comes out to see the world.  He does get his job done.  Always volunteers to help out at meetings and special projects.  He is basically the dream coworker.


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