Post #32 – Optimist, Pessimist, or Something Else?

25 Jul

Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or something else?

I try to take an optimistic view of the world most of the time (about 95% of the time).  When stressed out I tend to lose my optimism and get into the pessimistic view point.

In reading the comments located in where I got this question from I kind of like the person who wrote, I do not believe the glass is half-full or half-empty, but I believe in free refills.


Post #32 – Reality Show

25 Jul

If you had your own reality show, what would it be called? What would it be about? Who would the main characters be?

My own reality show would be called just “Chris”.  The premise would be just following me around almost kind of like The Girls Next Door or Keeping up with the Kardashians.  Just following me around day-by-day, and only cutting out the boring parts like sitting at my work typing reports and looking at applications but the interactions with other would be cool.  The main characters would be me of course, my girlfriend and probably the people I dance with a lot or interact with everyday.  Kind gets my creative juices going for a make-up reality show.

Post #31 – Cannot Live Without Tech?

25 Jul

What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without?

Bonus topic:  What technology do you wish would disappear from the world? 

That is another difficult question for me because I can live without any technology that I am or have been in possession.  Right now, it would have to be a good tie between a computer with internet access and my iphone so I can do my blogging duties and play catch-up to the post a day group. (Almost at a month).

One technology that I wish would disappear from the world. Bluetooth.  I do like the idea of hands-free but a lot of people now just talk in the air and you have no clue that they are talking to you or on their cell phone.  I have made that mistake many of times to get an awkward conversation.

Post #30 – Time to Vent

25 Jul

What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

Very good question.  Right now, I have no vents to speak about but I think it would be a great blog idea to come up with vents of the day or week.  Somewhat like what Peter does in you know what Grinds My Gears.  If anything came close to grinding my gears would be politicians playing with the American People on the Debt Ceiling Crisis and not doing their jobs.  However, this is no in my control so I do not concern myself with things that are not in my control.  Say the Serenity Prayer when that happens.

Post #29 – To Live Forever

25 Jul

If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?

I think we can live forever it is not a matter of if you could.  Do you live forever if your legacy lives on?  Will people remember you?  How will people remember you?

Are you still you when you become a part of a robot?

If it was my choice that I could live forever.  I would choose yes, only if they can keep me upgraded to the point that I can live a happy life.  I do not want to stay alive only to be disappointed because I cannot do much.  If it is my time to go, it is my time to go.

Post #28 – Desert Island with One Album

25 Jul

If stranded on a desert island, and could only bring one music album with you, which would it be? What is it about this music that never gets old for you?

It would have to be Classic Queen (Blue Album) 1993.  The reason why is that they were a great all around band with a lot of memorable hits.  Led Zepplin was pretty good.  Pearl Jam awesome, but Queen provided almost a rock opera approach to their music with some story telling. Going through each track.

1.) A Kind of Magic – It’s an inspirational tune that tells you that you can do anything that put your mind to it and that even when things are bad, stick with it as it will soon be gone, almost like a kind of magic.

2.) Bohemian Rhapsody – Questions the meaning of life and actually tells the story is that life is fill with a roller coaster of depression/suicide, but later it perks up and it fights back.  “So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye, do you think you can love me and leave me to die”.  But then when you forget about it you realise you should not take it seriously,  “Nothing really matters to me/Even when the wind blows”.

3.) Under Pressure – I once had a fight with a friend who said David Bowie sang this, well he was together with Freddie Mercury from Queen who did sing it with him.  Great song.

4.) Hammer to Fall – Very powerful, inspirational piece by queen.

5.) Stone Cold Crazy – Very quirky song by Queen who shows there versatility.

6.) One Year of Love – Story time by Freddie Mercury fighting lonlieness. Gateway to the love metal of HIM.

7.) Radio Ga Ga – Who would of thought Queen would of predict the future, but it was really a memory of time when radio ruled and now it is video that everyone must look good.  This song, not Bohemian Rhapsody turned me on to Queen.

8.) I’m Going Slightly Mad – Can totally relate to this song.  Got that little Mad Scientist vibe to it.

9.) I Want It All – A little different from Queen that turns into a pretty good song.

10.) Tie Your Mother Down – Queen’s attempt at the hair band, bad boy type produces this very cheeky song.

11.) The Miracle – Bohemian Rhapsody is not that operatic compared to this song.  I honestly seeing the Glee kids singing this song.

12.) These are the Days of the Lives – Great ballard by Freddie.  Really shows how versatile Queen can be.

13.) One Vision – You all probably heard this song on GTA IV.  Can really motivate you through the day as you are “One Man, One Vision”

14.) Keep Yourself Alive – Another risk by Queen that shows they can be very creative.

15.) Headlong – Very catchy song.

16.) Who Wants to Live Forever – Freddie shows his voice in this one, very beautiful song.

17.) The Show Must Go On – Queen is right, you have another show.  On to the Red Album. But I can have only one!

It never gets old with this album because they are very versatile and they can do different types of moods.

Post #27 – Six Funny People

25 Jul

Who are the three funniest people in the world? 

Three Funniest People in the World:

1.) Daniel Tosh – Host of Tosh.0.  Although anyone can do his comedy style the fact that he come up with that on the fly and highlight people who do dumb things over the camera is extremely funny.  He does not do one liners like “Lame”, or post first comments.  He actually creates different funny quips about the video. He is also risky but fair in his comedy.

2.) Steve Carrell – Just left the office, now a big movie star.  He can flex in his comedy with an improv background.

3.) Cedric The Entertainer – The way he acts and dresses just makes me laugh.

Who are the three funniest people you know personally?

1.) A teammate from Cross-Country – Seth – He was able to find humor in the littlest things and makes us laugh to relax us before a race.

2.) Michael- the only guy I know who can imitate Jim Carey and do a good duck quack.

3.) Jackie – Just the way she carry herself and gets on everyone.