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Daily Challenge #7 – July 27, 2011

27 Jul

Throw away an item to feel separation.  I do need to throw away a few things.  Especially to get away from things I do not touch or love anymore.


Daily Challenge #6 – July 26, 2011

26 Jul


Very rarely, I do cry, I worry more than I cry.

Daily Challenge #5 – July 25, 2011

25 Jul

Make a very conscious effort to remember the name of anyone you meet today. Is it respectful and thoughtful to remember someone’s name, and certainly creates a good start to any new professional or personal relationship.

Note:  When I was a Middle School Mathematics teacher, I took time to remember everyone of my student’s names as part of my job.  It has faded away since I have left teaching, but I want to bring it back into my repitoire of skills.

Daily Challenge #3 – July 23, 2011

23 Jul

Listen to the song Vienna by Billy Joel. Really listen to it, to the lyrics. Slow down, he tells us. You cannot do everything at once. Your ‘Vienna,” your success or your happiness or your purpose or your love—they will wait for you. You don’t need to pursue every goal right this second, ‘you can afford to lose a day or two.’ I need to be reminded of this from time to time; I need to remember to slow down. And maybe you do too. So listen to this song and remember to slow down, you crazy child, even if it is just for today.

Daily Challenge #2 – July 22, 2011

22 Jul

Send some delight someone’s way in the medium of an email.

I make it a priority to respond to all e-mails. But I take my time periods for that.  First thing in the morning and once before I go to bed.  I try to keep it within an hour and try not to skip anyone unless it is really that important.

Something I really do want to improve on is my social skills.  I am not really that verbal, more observant.

What I really want is just want to be a bit more socially acceptable.  If an e-mail comes try to respond to it even just to say, “Thank you.”  It acknowledges to the person that I sent it as I received the e-mail and acknowledge.  The key part is I do not expect a response when it comes to the Thank You e-mail.

So today, I am going to send my girlfriend a surprise e-mail stating that I love her and I will see her tonight.

Side Note: I am getting these challenges from this site here, please visit her blog it is a nice read and do not be afraid to try and do.

Daily Challenge #1 July 21, 2011

21 Jul

Challenge #1, January 1, 2011: We live such busy lives, sometimes we forget to reflect. It is always all about moving forward, but sometimes it is important to look back. Before settling on a new year’s resolution, think back to 2010. Write down or mentally list three things from 2010 you are most proud of.  And then give yourself a high five—because even if you wouldn’t label 2010 a ‘successful’ year, at least you accomplished something!

 Continue thinking about 2010, if you have time. What went right? What did you learn? Were there any life-changing events? A lot can happen in 365 days, a lot can change. Who were you at the beginning of 2010? Who are you now?

I am going to adapt this challenge to the date I started this challenge which will be July 21, 2011.  So going, 365 days back I will make a list of three accomplishments that I have made so far going back a year.

1.)   I found a really good girlfriend for me and she loves me back (March 24, 2011)

2.)    I moved out of my parents house, (June 23, 2011)

3.)    I was promoted to the next step on the salary scale on excellent performance rating (July 11, 2011).

The past 365 days, was very successful for the fact that I made leaps in bounds in my dancing and dating life. The things I have learn is what I really wanted in a woman. Beginning in July, I was having the sounds of a desperate man looking for love in all the wrong places.  Giving myself a good three months from July 2010 to about October 2010 really had me going trying to find a decent woman in my life.  Then I learned that I just need to go and do not hesitate.  Maintain with the flow and do not go against it.  Live the life, and I did.  That is probably why I did find my girlfriend when I did.  Right now, I am a very happy man with a very happy girl.  We work things out.  She is my saving grace.  I do love her.